Mbuyu - Baobab Tree

Ruaha National Park

A pristine and untouched nature awaits you – Ruaha National Park is the largest one in Tanzania. It borders Kizigio and Rungwa River Gamer Reserves, making them one of the largest parks in east Africa.If you are an eternal enthusiast that wants to make your stay in Africa memorable, the abundant flora and fauna will help you experience every sunset as if it was your first time. One of the best parts of these lands includes the Great Ruaha River, which gives excellent fishing, deep gorges, and swirling rapids. Considered one of the top fishing locations, it is a paradise for all who want to give in to the calming effect of the water.
Baobab Trees | Ruaha National Park
Moving on, the river is also considered of great significance in utilizing water for rice production. It even meets the ecological needs of the Ruaha National Park for hydroelectric power generation.Talking about the animal population, the list just keeps on going! There are more than 400 bird species, 30,000 buffalos, 20,000 zebras, and 10,000 elephants. Also, there is a large number of leopards and lions too. We won’t forget to mention the crocodiles, snakes, foxes, impalas, hyenas, jackals, elands, and more.One of the best reasons to travel is to see and experience something new each time. Thus, nothing beats sitting in a camp in the Ruaha National Park and witnessing majestic lions passing by. It is a sight that would make your heart skip a beat!

I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.

Ernest Hemingway

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