Swala - Antelope

Nyerere National Park

There is a touch of uniqueness everywhere you step foot in Africa. Tanzania, including all of its natural wonders and national parks, represents a small yet iconic portion of everything you get to experience. It is a magnificent way to enter a portal that offers an array of possibilities.Such is the Nyerere National Park. It opens its doors to you to see the largest wilderness area in all of Africa – and it comes with unique features. There is a diverse range of wildlife where you can see how the connection between predator and prey develops. It comes in the shape of a small reminder: out there, in the wilderness, you are always a little bit of both – a hunter and prey. In addition, the natural park provides some other undisturbed biological and ecological processes.
Elephants in Nyerere National Park
The lifeline representing the Rufiji River and the small network of lakes attract both wildlife and tourists. If you want to explore this area, we highly recommend the dry season that lasts through the summer until October. There are many safaris, but the ones worth mentioning are the boat safaris and the walking ones too. You will get a different perspective while traveling there and discover how rewarding it can be. The predator sightings are remarkable, and the Selous Game Reserve is absolutely incredible!

If there were one more thing I could do, it would be to go on safari once again.

Karen Blixen

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