East Africa Safari Guides Ltd Tanzania DMC

is a small lux safari company based in beautiful Arusha city with also a representative in Seattle, US. We work as a DMC for all international luxury travel brands we leave nothing to chance all to ensure we correctly deliver the allure of African luxury safaris.

We at EAS Guides DMC we work hard to make sure we represent your brand in Africa professionally, any of your client who will tour with us will feel the same comfortability, secured, loved, cared, and pampered as if they were with you because we understand you can’t accompany each group to Africa then we take the chance to deliver the exact luxury treatment service that any lux traveler would expect. Exclusivity, privacy, comfort, entertainment, funny – these are the first mind-catch words when people speak about luxury travel but here at EAS Guides DMC, we are just more than that.

Our Tanzania luxury travels are created in a way that will amaze any who choose to tour with us, all of our travel packages are “off the beaten path adventures” that created purposely for the high-end clients.

Advantage of East Africa Safari Guides DMC.

  1. A reliable DMC in Tanzania.


    We only focus on selling the very best safari packages that goes beyond the normal expectations, we choose who we work with for many good reasons, including what type of clientele profile the supplier can bring to us this helps maintaining the standard by only selling the ultra-luxury accommodations that caters the really experience of luxury services.

    Transparency is our culture, any overseas travel agents or company we deal with we never have something to hide this has helped us maintain the standard since there’s nothing come to clients as a surprise because we understand the luxury travel begins with a peaceful mind.

    Our ways of dealing with either block or single bookings are well professional the database we use and our financial panel are strategically selected to ensure will never be a mishap during your client’s safari in Tanzania, our office in Arusha runs a comprehensive booking process so you only have to relax and wait for the great professional feedbacks.

  2. We are your Brand.

    East Africa Safari Guides DMC represents you and not us, we never try to take any advantage of your absence and we will always do better than you could have imagine, all the printed portfolios, wheel covers, travel itineraries, welcoming board signs must represent your brand, this gives the clients more confidence and is also a best way of growing your business and making you visible. All of our staffs are well instructed and trained through various workshops and training sessions on how to represent any of our overseas travel brand, the techniques that would make the clients feel at home.

  3. Be spoken Travel Itineraries.

    Well, unlike other similar millions travel itineraries outside there, we’ve our unique caliber that’s “We aren’t regular DMC” we are best than anyone else, we design, create and curate the most beautiful itineraries that entice the sense of humor for your clients. Our long-time experienced team of safari gurus are always the best combo that creates the exquisite travel programs for the luxury travelers, each single detail included in the itinerary is enough to capture your client’s attention. We understand travelers comes from the different backgrounds, ethics, and culture and they will always want something exclusive, cheerful, funny, educative, and relaxing and that’s what we do here at EAS Guides DMC.

  4. Our Support Selling Materials.

    We not only value your clients but also your business, at EAS Guides DMC we conduct different educational webinars from time to time to ensure all of international travel agents are aware of what they should propose to their potential customers, this program has helped many travel agents to increase their sell margins. Very often we share the current news about travel to Tanzania, big discount offers that helps them to catch more clients.

Why go and Book with us?

Normally there are many criteria to be considered when choosing your African representative, here are the few reasons why you should think working with us for your high-end clients.

  • Local owned Luxury Safari Company.

Our office which handles all the ground logistics is located in Arusha- Tanzania, a gateway tourism city. Being a local company comes with many advantages,

a) Best and Competitive Price.

Unlike other international owned safari company, at EAS Guides DMC we get the very best rates from our partnered luxury accommodations, this put us on top of many. All of our recommended hotels, permanent camps, tented camps or lodges are hand-picked and we regularly visit them to reinspect and see whether there are improvements or deteriorations since we’ve repeating customers each season.

b) We are familiar with the area

Our entire force knows the area very well, nearly 90% were born and raised in Tanzania this has made all the handling procedures easy than ever, our most precious safari guides whom we trust to add the grandeur taste for your clint’s travel itineraries are purely natives.

  • We respect the “P”

    We carefully not make mistake when it comes to our agent’s business, we respect the “privacy” and we shall never market ourselves to your clients, we will always keep “white labelling” meaning each of our provided materials will be published under your brand’s name, all the time we will introduce ourselves as a part of your company based in Africa, because we believe by doing so the business relationship will last forever and we never know what ups and downs you might’ve gone through to catch these clients, we will always keep your brand clean.

  • Multilingual Guides.

    Our safari guides speak different international languages including, French, Spanish, English, German, Italian, Japanese, and many more. 

    Let’s connect, here is where luxury exist.