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The Western corridor of Serengeti National Park is renowned for its opulence. Offering breathtaking views, incomparable wildlife viewing experiences, and unparalleled luxury, it’s a must-visit for any travel enthusiast on a luxury safari vacation.

Understanding the necessity to safeguard the yearly migration path of wildebeests on the western flank of Serengeti National Park, the Tanzanian government established the Grumeti Reserve in 1994. Subsequently, in 2002, the right to oversee and conserve the 350,000 acres that makeup Grumeti was conferred to the Grumeti Community and Wildlife Conservation Fund (renamed to Grumeti Fund).

Western Corridor Overview

The Western corridor of Serengeti National Park extends from the center of the park, stretching towards Lake Victoria. Known for its lush, verdant landscape, it presents an ideal canvas for any wildlife lover. Rich in biodiversity, it offers unique opportunities for game drives and safari adventures.
What sets it apart, you ask? It’s the blend of scenic beauty, unique geographical features, and the incredible richness of wildlife.

Eyeing an unrivaled luxury safari adventure? Deviate off the beaten path and towards the remote western regions of the Serengeti. Here, the Serengeti is less traveled, a fascinating truth evident in the scarce lodges dotting the pristine landscape and the exceptional sightings of fellow safari vehicles.

Nested within this wilderness is Grumeti, one of the Serengeti National Park’s most finely preserved secrets. It’s a remote gem hidden in a serene corner of the Serengeti, offering an extraordinary wildlife-watching opportunity enhanced by the sense of exclusivity that results from its remoteness.

In Grumeti, bespoke luxury defines your wilderness stay, with guest numbers being deliberately kept to about sixty visitors housed in select high-end Serengeti camps. In this exclusive reserve, it’s all quality and bare serenity, empty of typical tourist crowds.

Craving a personal experience that distances you from large crowds? Grumeti, your individual private Serengeti, is waiting for you.

Wildlife Viewing in Western Serengeti

A visit to Western Serengeti offers an opportunity to view an assortment of wildlife you won’t find anywhere else. These include the iconic African Elephant and the elusive Leopard.

Renowned for its remarkable pride of lions boasting between 20 and 60 majestic felines, Grumeti presents unparalleled opportunities to witness these kings of the Serengeti. And with Grumeti’s solitude, you’re likely to enjoy these rare sightings all to yourself. Embrace the luxe life with an unforgettable wild encounter in Grumeti. Other wildlife highlights include hippos, crocodiles, and numerous bird species.

wildlife viewing in Grumeti Reseve- Serengeti National Park

The wildlife at Grumeti is truly exceptional. You’re so close to the action, that it feels like you could almost touch the predators! It’s an experience where you feel completely immersed in nature.

The Great Migration in Western Serengeti

Do you know that Western Serengeti is a vital part of the annual Wildebeest migration? Yes, each year, the region witnesses a stunning influx of over a million animals making a desperate journey in search of greener pastures. You can witness this spectacular show of nature from the comfort of your luxurious accommodation.

The timeframe of May through July, brimming with visitors, aligns with the thrill-filled sight of the Great Migration as it majestically sweeps through the Western Corridor in its epic northbound journey. The crossing of the Grumeti River, though it doesn’t share the same fame as its northern sibling, should not be underestimated.

The Grumeti River presents the initial monumental challenge for the migrating herds. Hence, get yourself privileged to observe this selective occurrence, while other tourists, dwelling in the northern territories, eagerly anticipate the arrival of the herds.

Experience the Unique Charm of Walking Safaris at Grumeti Game Reserve

If you’re looking for a unique experience in Serengeti National, Grumeti Game Reserve offers a distinctive treat. Unlike the majority of locations in the national park, Grumeti allows visitors to engage in exciting walking safaris.
Picture this: You spend numerous hours on foot in the bush, guided by a local expert. You learn about the fascinating world of birds and insects, track a varied range of animals, and delve into the cultural and medicinal uses of indigenous plants. Quite the adventure, right?
Plus, as Grumeti Game Reserve falls outside the boundaries of Serengeti National Park, the guide can operate with much more freedom, unbound by park regulations. This is what sets us apart and allows for a broader diversity of safari activities.
And there’s more! Not only can vehicle safaris be enjoyed during the day, but we also offer unique night drives. That’s right – imagine the thrill of off-road driving in the quiet hours, making the most of special sightings. It is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

walking safari escoreted by armed ranger at Serengeti Natioanl Park

Luxurious Accommodation in Western Serengeti

Are you looking for a luxurious vacation filled with privacy? The Western Corridor of Serengeti National Park has you covered! The region boasts top-tier luxury lodges, providing you with unparalleled comfort, excellent service, and superb wildlife viewing. These luxe accommodations fuse traditional African aesthetics with modern comforts, ensuring a memorable holiday experience.

Sure, in this write-up, I’d love to take you on a deep dive into Singita Grumeti, an accommodation located in the western corridor. Don’t worry; I’m also cooking up another article that will cover other accommodation options in the Western Serengeti. So, stay tuned!

Grumeti Singita:

This place is a must-visit for anyone dreaming of an exciting African safari. It perfectly combines the vibrant, contemporary energy of the continent while providing supreme comfort levels. What sets it apart are the beautiful and carefully designed spaces inside. Imagine a cool mix of different textures, trendy yet functional designs, and a fresh take on what makes a romantic safari tent so special. A blend of tradition and modernity, it’s a real treat for travelers!

Though Singita is a fancy lodge for upscale travelers, the activities offered are absolutely fantastic! Created for some personal chill time, this ultimate wild getaway brings all the good stuff like dining under the stars, snoozing in a tent, and taking a quick dip in the camp’s cool plunge pool. Feel the vibes of nature like you’ve never before – the sights, the sounds, the smells – everything is just different and better here. Craving an authentic African adventure without any filters? This is the perfect spot you’ve been dreaming of. Here’s your chance to bond with Mother Earth and her wild children like never before.

You Won’t Believe What You’re About to Discover!

Prepare to be astonished. We’re quite certain that you’ve never come across or even dreamt of something quite like this.

Experience the Unimaginable

Imagine playing tennis, not on your regular tennis court, but right in the heart of the wilderness of Serengeti. Yes! That’s correct – wild tennis! It’s something you’ve never imagined possible, but here’s the chance to turn your fantasy into reality.

Enjoy Tennis Amidst African Wilderness

Treat yourself to the unique experience of playing tennis surrounded by splendid African landscapes. Bask in the beauty of Serengeti as you swing your racket on the court. The breathtaking views promise to take your game of tennis to a whole new level.

tenis ground in Serengeti

Relax and Rejuvenate
After a fun-filled tennis match, cool off by the nearby swimming pool with some refreshing drinks. It’s a perfect blend of sport, relaxation, and wilderness.

Feel Like a Tennis Legend
This one-of-a-kind experience will make you feel as if you’ve stepped into the prestigious International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum in Newport, but with an exotic wilderness spin.

Give It a Go
Don’t miss out on this unique experience. I personally recommend you to try it. Dive into the world of wild tennis and be prepared for an adventure like none other.

Singita Collections:


  • Unlimited Game Drive
  • Community Visit
  • Wine Experiences
  • Fitness Centre
  • Guided Safari Walks
  • Yoga
  • Wellness
  • Balloon Safari
  • Swimming Pool
  • Boutique & Gallery

Getting There:

If you’re heading to this heaven on earth in Singita Grumeti or Lamai, you have the option to hit the road. But, we suggest you try flying – it’s quicker and way more fun.

The zenith of opulence; is elegantly reinforced by Singita’s Milele Serengeti from May 2024.

Nestled high atop the slopes of Sasakwa Hill, in the beating heart of the Serengeti, Singita proudly introduces the newest jewel in its crown of exceptional African properties. Milele Serengeti, a beacon of luxury and exclusivity, invites guests to marvel at the staggering beauty of its views and relish the unsurpassed scenery that only the Serengeti can offer.

Embracing the new travel mantra of privacy, Milele Serengeti, whose name translates to “Forever” in Swahili, commits to delivering a seamless fusion of top-tier privacy, everlasting exclusivity, and a coveted ringside view to the monumental spectacle that is the Great Migration.

Accommodating up to ten guests, the villa showcases five uniquely distinctive and vibrantly energetic suites. Each suite opens up to a generous terrace and deck, and indulgent dressing rooms, while presenting awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of the sprawling landscape that stretches beneath. Adding an extra layer of luxury, three suites boast their own private Jacuzzis.

Every aspect of the Milele experience has been thoughtfully curated to present guests with the quintessence of spacious Serengeti luxury. Harnessing a natural color scheme and soothing tones and textures, escape into the sublime comfort and tranquility that awaits.

Singita Serengeti Milele Lodge

Experience Ultimate Luxury & Connection at the Singita Milele Villa

Discover the stunning landscapes of the Serengeti right from the comfort of the Singita Milele Villa. This remote and elegant retreat offers the highest standards of personalized service, making it the peak of indulgence and extravagance.

With their full team of staff, including a private host, dedicated Field Guides, a personal chef, and a housekeeping team, they’re ready and waiting to provide a safari experience that’s fully tailored to your specific needs and desires. Whether you’re hoping to sit back and relax, or explore the vast plains on the private game vehicles, together with Singita Grumeti we’ve got everything covered.

Their villa is family-friendly and genuinely welcomes children of all ages. Also, If you’re traveling with friends or planning to celebrate a special occasion, Singita Milele offers the ideal intimate setting.

You’ll discover various spaces to gather around and spend quality time with your loved ones. Not just that, we promise an experience filled with all possible conveniences and comforts to make your stay an unforgettable one.

So book with us earlier and let’s join at Singita Milele Villa — a spacious retreat where you can connect, unwind, and experience the trip of a lifetime!

Let’s Put It This Way

The sheer isolation and tranquility of the western Serengeti make it an excellent choice for those seeking privacy. It’s a perfect escape, allowing you to enjoy the luxury safari experience amid unspoiled wilderness.

I could utter by saying that, traveling luxuriously in the Western Corridor of Serengeti National Park is an experience like no other. With its breathtaking landscape, wildlife viewing opportunities, the incredible Great Migration, and luxury accommodations, it provides a unique blend of adventure and luxury.