The Idyllic Beach

Familiar to many, known to a lot less – Zanzibar is an incredible archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, about 15 miles off the coast of Tanzania. It is believed that it once formed a part of the African continent about 5 to 2 million years ago, but since its separation, it became encircled by the ocean.The climate is as expected – tropical, insular, and highly humid, with periods of heavy rains that last through the spring. Once you come closer to the island, you will notice both low vegetation and dense evergreen forests. This allows many animals to live there. Some of the most popular varieties of wild animals include the leopard, a type peculiar to Zanzibar, lemur, monkeys, mongooses, pygmy antelopes, the African pig, civet cats, forest duiker, about 20 types of bats, and more than 30 types of snakes.
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