Twiga - Giraffe

Arusha National Park

North-eastern Tanzania is the home to this incredible national park with a prominent volcano – Mount Meru. Even though it is not large compared to the other parks, it is much lusher. Taking a tour here will feel like you have finally found heaven on earth. Other than the thriving scenery, this park is home to many craters, swamps, waterfalls, lakes, and of course, the world-famous black and white colobus monkeys!Arusha National Park also has a small population of other animals, including flamingos, blue monkeys, bushbuck, elephants, warthogs, cape buffalos, zebras, and many more. The diverse and scenic wilderness allows for all these animals to live together in harmony since it poses an ideal reserve for all.
White Colubus Monkey | Arusha National Park
Bird enthusiasts, this is for you! Other than flamingos, you get to see one of the most wonderful Tanzania tourist attractions called the silvery-cheeked hornbill. The conditions the rainforest creates make this bird want to enjoy them as often as possible.For those who wish to get a closer look, many walking safaris and canoeing on the lake are available. Take the challenge that the open landscape offers and dive right in! And if you wish to experience things from a different perspective, you can always sit in a vehicle and enjoy the view while traveling through the land.

It’s really beautiful. It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa.

Will Smith

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